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"The Algebra Solutions Book, by Yvonne Low, is one of the finest of its type that I have ever seen. Virtually every concept taught in an Algebra I course is covered. Even the beginnings of geometry are explained. Through 14 chapters and over 116 pages, sample problems are presented and solved—and not easy, watered-down problems. Just the opposite: They follow the difficulty level of any beginning high school book. Every topic, from combining like terms to quadratic equations, and from algebraic solutions to graphic solutions using equalities and inequalities, is covered. Numerous copies of this fine book should be in every school. Any teacher who wants a book that is straight math without any cuteness should have the Algebra Solutions Book in his or her room."   

Science Books and Films, March 2006 (êêEditor's Choice)

 American Association for the Advancement of Science


"Kyoodoz Algebra Solutions Book is an educational book of sample algebra problems and solutions, offering step-by-step guidance to solving problems, and useful tips presented with charm and humor. Text is kept to a bare minimum, so as not to be a confusing distraction, and focuses on just the information necessary to understand the algebra problems. A handful of charming, cartoon-like illustrations help make learning fun. Though intended for young students seeking to solidify or refresh their algebra mastery, the diversity and usefulness of Kyoodoz Algebra Solutions Book makes it a very practical self-teaching resource for students of all ages."

                             Midwest Book Review, January 2006


"This book is exactly what the title indicates. It contains ten chapters of solutions to problems in topics from fractions to binomial expansions, one chapter of word problems for miscellaneous applications, and a closing essential summary and concepts... pure questions and solutions rather than lengthy explanations... advanced students may find the book useful for review or drill... Cartoon characters present rules and reminders throughout the book. Math teachers might welcome this source of problems for tests and drills or cartoons to enliven instructions. If math teachers or students are looking to the library for more problems, this might be useful for libraries serving youth..."

VOYA , February 2006  


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